Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Rip your school book to bits for Jesus - Australian catholic school, Melbourne

One wonders what the punishment may have been had not the student ripped out said offending page? An inquisition? I note the catholic school receives gov funding. Then how the fuck can they censor an educational workbook like this?
A Melbourne Catholic school has censored a health workbook, ordering students to destroy a page referring to premarital sex and homosexuality. 

The controversy unfolded on the last day of term one at St Francis Xavier College in Berwick, where year 9 students were called into the hall and told they could not leave until they had thrown a page of the textbook in the bin. The Age
The offending page. OMG it mentions sex before marriage .......and...., and...... teh gayz!

The evil gays! Throw away the dildos for Jesus!
 In any case, as usual, an attempt like this to censor simply draws more attention to it.
"It was a medieval weak response, rather than an intelligent response," one person said. 

"They might be gay, have friends who are gay or have unwed parents. I can't get over that an educational institute asked students to rip up an educational material." 

Others pointed out that asking students to remove the page had drawn more attention to it. 

Principal Vincent Feeney said students were asked to remove the page because it referred to issues that would be better handled in religious education classes. The Age
*faints* Sex education from the bible? Good grief, how many wives will a husband have then? How much guilt is supposed to be endured before enjoying sex then? And for god's sake people, the man can't spill it on the ground so be very very careful afterwards in the pull out!

Just remember ladies, you must sacrifice your dildos for Jesus and there will be no masturbating. No solo's or turning on your partner. Nope, just lie on your back and think of Jesus and missionaries. Remember, being tight as a nun's fanny is very holy and god like.