Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Poll 52/48 to Labor - Essential Research


It appears after the hovering, where the polls were sort of a bit stuck at 50/50 for three consecutuve Essential polls, even Stevens old buddy Bert, voters are continuing to make their mind up about the Abbott/Turnbull gov. This latest Essential Research poll has a decided movement yet again against the Lieberals and their conga line of 1950's back benchers running the show.

I note there are two things in the explanation at the bottom of these results (above) that make things even worse for the Lieberals. 

The first being that this is an average over the last two weeks, so in a sense isn't current to particularly right now and the reaction after Turnbull's train wreck on national telly last night. 

The other is that the preferences have been distributed just as they were at the 2013 election where asshole Abbott was swept to power at the hands of the corporations in his heyday. Those preference flows are very unlikely to be distributed the same way this election in the same favour to the Lieberals.