Friday, 15 April 2016

"Way Over Yonder" - rare video Carole King & Abigail Haness 1971

This is from the legendary Tapestry Album released by Carole King in 1971. A live performance lost in time as it didn't even make it onto the BBC broadcast. Absolutely brilliant singing.

And isn't this what we're all are about as humans? Seeking a better life for us all. We'll never get "way over yonder" in this life, but in the journey we leave the world a better place for all :)

Showing my age her darlings. I first heard this album at about 14 or 15, when I went and visited my older sister who was living in Auckland New Zealand (the same sister that lives here in Sydney with her husband now). On vinyl of course! CD's back then were future science fiction. I only really remember the song "Natural Woman" from then and have forgotten most of the others, so this video was a real find!