Monday, 25 April 2016

ACL starts new group like US's Alliance Defending Freedom - Australia

Never a more exciting time to claim gays are Nazi's
The Australian Christian Lobby had it's national conference on the weekend, with Treasurer Scott Morrison speaking as well as some gormless nutter from that US Alliance Defending Freedom. It was a thrilling time for all the far right loony's, albeit at least one of them nodded off with all the excitement (above).

Being as they had an Alliance Defending Freedom person speaking all the way from the US, I guess they thought this was a good time to introduce their new off shoot organisation of the ACL. Australia's very own Alliance Defending Freedom, although they've chosen to call it the "Human Rights Law Alliance"

Alliance Defending Freedom The Human Rights Law Alliance

Notably the name gives not the slightest clue what it's all about, being us evil gays who dare to exist in the same Australian community as them. Using words like "human rights", "law", "freedom" and "fundamental rights", a casual observer would think they were just a lovely bunch of people.

A close look at their brand spanking new website however gives somewhat a different view.
Increasingly, the Courts are being used by activists to silence and even punish opponents with unpopular opinions and beliefs. Laws that directly encroach on fundamental freedoms are also becoming more common. 

Left unchecked, this will threaten our way of life. Our democracy cannot flourish unless every citizen is free to express his or her opinions without fear and intimidation. 

The Human Rights Law Alliance is a not-for-profit alliance of Christian lawyers, professionals, institutions and supporters whose purpose is to defend and promote the freedom of religion, conscience, thought and belief of Australian Christians, Christian organisations, and churches. HRLA
In other words, "Whaaaaaa..... Why can't we demonise teh gayz like the good old days?" Or as said by the Lieberals "People have the freedom to be bigots".

Gee thanks USA, for another christian fundamentalist piece of lunacy that you've exported to Australia.