Friday, 22 April 2016

Unions march for an 8 hour day in Melbourne - 1939 (historic video)

As a printing worker and unionist for my working life, I'm so very proud of the achievements over the many decades of the longstanding Australian union movement. During my working life I continued the fight for a fairer workplace, both in pay and conditions.

Here this video is back in 1939 in Melbourne, where workers were marching for a 40 hour week. Where would workers be today if not for their sacrifice in taking worker pay and conditions forward back then?

Today we face as never before the demonisation of the union movement for the sake of corporate profits. Don't let them do it to us people, don't let the mongrels take away 100 years of hard won union gains. 

Don't let them throw us on the wheels of capitalism and corporate power. Don't let us disrespect our union past, and the people who fought for the conditions we have today that we often take for granted.

Anyone up for a 60 hour week and child labour?