Thursday, 21 April 2016

GetUp releases tax policy to make corporations pay

GetUp has put together research and recommendations to stop corporations from paying very little tax at all. 

The numbers are huge, with Australia losing $billions every year in corporate tax dodging. Then the gov does hardly anything about it and goes after people like me, chronically ill on a disability pittance, to make up the shortfall.Wanting us to pay for blood tests, x-rays, doctor visits, and whatever else. This after working my body into the ground for 30 years...

Even down to the diabolical scrooge tactic of stopping pensioners from getting Panadol for a few weeks at the end of the year for free. Apparently we pensioners were getting too much, and the free box of $2 Panadol was an outrageous entitlement. Yes, we were to pay the national debt off a Panadol box at a time.

GetUp's report is here on PDF

You can send the report to your politician here