Monday, 18 April 2016

The people vs the corporations - GetUp's election strategy

It's time to take back our democracy from big business and the extreme right that does their bidding.

Recently we GetUp members took part in an online survey indicating what was most important for us in this coming election. The results are in and they're not pretty for the Abbott/Turnbull gov. In fact I'd go so far as for the issues found important to the people are diametrically opposed to all the the Lieberal party currently stands for. 

Indeed our democracy has been hijacked by the corporations, who have a huge influence over current gov policy. The corporations donate to the parties and the parties give corporate friendly policies back to them. Meanwhile the planet burns for the sake of the corporate dollar.

GetUp is a non-partisan movement. A grass roots organisation set up to respond to the increasing irrelevancy of the unrepresentative swill in Canberra. You can donate to their election campaign here.