Thursday, 21 April 2016

"I know what sort of person you are" - neigbour to David

Been a bit depressed today. There was a bit of a drama between David and the neighbour right next to us, over the guy being constantly rude to us. It reached a head and David had had enough. Drama's aplenty darlings.

Anyway one thing led to another, heated exchanges. Then out of the blue she says that. "I know what sort of person you are". Just like that. No prompting. The subject wasn't about sexuality or anything related to it.

David was out most of the day with appts. Was outside smoking and words exchanged again. Then again, she points at him and says "Yes, you people". So now they're insulting me as well. What a bitch!

Now we're at the point of emails back and forth between me and the real estate agent. Neither of us are going to put up with shit like that FFS.