Wednesday, 13 April 2016

David has gone to hospital suicidal

There was a bit involved before it all got to this point.

I went to an unexpected focus group which was organised by emails in the last couple of days, that lasted for an hour and a half. Plus about an hour's traveling time by bus there and back. Total I guess 3 hours.

I got home after that. It'd been a long day for me as I'd already been into the city once on the buses to get my blood taken without sugary coffee. I only saw the email to go to this focus group after I got back from that, telling David I was going out tonight for this. It paid $50 to be there and I couldn't pass that up being on the pensions as we are.

When I got home I discovered David had been at the piss head neighbours place (BTW we're all piss heads but this bloke gives new meaning to being a piss head) and plastered. Totally. I'm talking not seeing straight and arguing with a friend of 20 years on the phone that he wanted to end the friendship over bla.

By this stage I was already over it.

In any case we inevitably got in to an argument.

Long story short. My glasses frames are broken and I have a large scratch on my neck. I went to the police station and told them I didn't want him charged but to get him help (charging a nurse with assault would end his nursing career here in Australia). The cop asked me how I got a scratch on my neck. I honestly didn't know it was there. Later I looked at it and it is a bit over the top, although I do bleed more than normal being on blood thinner blood pressure tablets.

So he was carted off by the ambulance via the cops to the hospital. He's there now but I'm too angry to ring to ask about him.

Gotta love the LGBT mental illnesses. Who am I to judge FFS? 

Most people would say how terrible it is what David did, but look at what he's been through in his LGBT life. Look at what I've been through. Fuck I hate this shit. At times it seems like the whole world is against us, and has been for decades. Hate, discrimination can take it's toll. 

We the LGBT are often accused of being "too sensitive"; the story of my life. But we can't help it, we just are. We want to love and get so upset at obstacles. Fuck I hate this shit..... 

No doubt David and I will figure things out in some sort of way after this. The fact that I didn't want him charged, much to the chagrin of the cop at the police station looking at the large neck scratch indicates that.

As always, we the LGBT are about love.

I do hope love prevails again with David and I now... 

Update: I rang emergency. He's passed out.