Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Welfare card doesn't buy nappies/"diapers", turns into huge issue - US

Australians let us rejoice that we don't have a restrictive welfare card like they have in the US. 

But then again, the experimental trials are starting here and there :s

Australians, we should fight any advent of any Australian Centrelink card that restricts what you can buy. We have seen the loony's in Canberra, the religious fuckwits who'll come out with just about any mental shit from the backbench ruling the gov at the moment. Fuck knows what they'd decide what a "luxury" item was.

No doubt, as they get a lot of their bla from the US lunar right loony bins, they may very well come up with this "luxury" item. See, over in the US the loony bin people of the dark side of the moon extremists, have decided that throw away nappies are a luxury item and can't be bought with their welfare card regime.

This is the result. Un-fuckin-believable.....

Evidently the national US debt is supposed to be paid off one disposable "diaper" at a time? *sheesh* What about corporate tax avoidance then?