Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Inject trans people to cure them - FOX New's Great Bathroom Panic

Good grief. The most absurd thing about this is the guy actually seems to believe what he's saying.I'd call it flailing around grabbing at none existent straws myself.

Mind boggling moronic logic, similar to arguments against gay marriage that use hypothetical situations that supposedly will follow when gay marriage is law. For example he wrongly asserts that trans people "choose" to change their gender, when in reality they're simply changing their body to who they actually are inside. Certainly far from a "choice". He then uses the above mistaken logic to say that others will change their age by choice, and even that someone may get a body covered with tattoos and say they're black. Like saying "black face" makes you black FFS :s

But the most nuttiest thing he says is that trans people should be injected to cure them. With hormones of their birth body. Like they used to with lesbians and gays and it didn't work. Can you imagine telling for example, a trans person who has finally come to the point they were born in the wrong sexed body, that they'd be injected with hormones to make their body even more so? We're talking suicide here.

But what do these ignorant assholes care? Everyone has to be how they expect everyone to be for them. If they're different it's wrong for them. These are the sorts of people that would find great pleasure in administering the now rejected aversion therapies of shock treatment, induced vomiting and forced self defecation to "cure" people, when all it did to them was bring immense suffering.