Wednesday, 30 November 2016

67% of Great Barrier Reef dead north of Port Douglas - Scientist survey

Pauline Hanson declared Reef is fine after visiting healthy part of it

Because of global warming and increasing sea temperatures, a significant bleaching event took place on the Great Barrier Reef some months ago. Upon surveying the damage, scientists have discovered that an average of 67% of the Reef north of Port Douglas is now dead. 

This in direct contrast to Pauline Hanson's One Nation party, who the other day had a photo op on the Reef in a healthy part of it, declaring that the Reef was fine and it was us evil leftie greenies to blame for a big drop off in Reef tourism  going out of Cairns.
Australian researchers who have been surveying the damage at the Great Barrier Reef from an unprecedented coral bleaching event earlier this year released a new map Monday, showing a large zone of intense coral death as well as several regions that, hearteningly, escaped largely unscathed. 

The results confirm an overall picture suggesting that the northern part of the reef, which scientists say was once its most “pristine,” has seen devastating losses. This is a region extending some 700 kilometers (435 miles) northward from Port Douglas, the researchers say, and comprises about 30 percent of the reef overall (it is 2,300 kilometers, or 1,429 miles long, in its entirety). And the researchers say it saw an average coral mortality of 67 percent (the range was actually 47 to 83 percent at disparate reefs that comprise the larger northern section of the Great Barrier Reef). Washington Post 

The real state of the Reef  *click to enlarge