Sunday, 27 November 2016

Hillary campaign to participate in recounts

Jill Stein, Greens candidate
Hillary Clinton has announced her campaign will be participating with Green candidate Jill Stein in recounts in likely three states where the vote was every close. This after experts have questioned some of the discrepancies coming out of the results, particularly in Wisconsin.

We've had the odd election here in Australia where the popular vote was more for the losing party. There was the Howard/Beazely one, and also the Abbott/Gillard election the first time around where Gillard ended up forming a majority gov. However to get a record breaking number of people voting for Hillary more than Trump in the popular vote, and still lose, does seem very strange.

Why do they use those machines anyway? It does take longer with paper ballots but that's the most secure way to conduct an election.


Beyond the post-election audit, Green Party candidate Jill Stein announced Friday that she will exercise her right as a candidate to pursue a recount in the state of Wisconsin. She has indicated plans to also seek recounts in Pennsylvania and Michigan. 

Because we had not uncovered any actionable evidence of hacking or outside attempts to alter the voting technology, we had not planned to exercise this option ourselves, but now that a recount has been initiated in Wisconsin, we intend to participate in order to ensure the process proceeds in a manner that is fair to all sides. If Jill Stein follows through as she has promised and pursues recounts in Pennsylvania and Michigan, we will take the same approach in those states as well. We do so fully aware that the number of votes separating Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in the closest of these states — Michigan — well exceeds the largest margin ever overcome in a recount. But regardless of the potential to change the outcome in any of the states, we feel it is important, on principle, to ensure our campaign is legally represented in any court proceedings and represented on the ground in order to monitor the recount process itself. Medium