Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Trump's theocratic US - courtesy Jim Bakker and his buckets :s

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The strangeness coming from inside the US wall continues.....

As is known, Jim Bakker his reinvented himself after getting out of jail over fraud, and is now selling tribulation buckets of some kind of assorted vomit looking stuff. This super-cut of his show shows him almost worshiping Trump (the pussy grabber sexual assault person) as Trump wins the election. 

How can fundie christians consider that Trump is such a god/saviour of their country? The only parallel I can draw is the churches under Hitler who worshiped him as being the saviour of their country. 

Yes, some christian faiths under the Nazi's thought Hitler was just wonderful. Turned a blind eye to his human rights abuses. As long as those evil minorities were put in their place sort of thing.....