Wednesday, 30 November 2016

China warns Australia not to side with Trump's US against China

Just stay behind your walls Trump.....

As the US turns in on itself in some kind of theological self immolation to protest against 30yrs of trickle down Reaganomics, China is seizing the opportunity to advance it's own interests. Indeed, China seems a much more friendly place than Trump's US at the moment.

Obama's TPP was his effort by the US to export it's corporate social failure into the Pacific and has gained much condemnation from the populations around the Pacific rim that were involved in the deal. With Trump throwing it out it leaves China to pursue other more local deals with it's Pacific neighbours outside the US, of which it's rhetoric currently suggests.

Life will go on it appears outside of Trump's political wall of hate and xenophobia. However the early signs from China to Australia are to not side with a US theocracy over China, and that such a siding would go beyond the ties built up with simply trading.

Such is the new world that Trump is creating. A selfish, stupid and paranoid US living behind walls, while the rest of the world looks on bewildered and turns away. We don't get the hatred and fascism now pervading the US. 

We don't get why they would want more corporate trickle down under a corporate bully. Our values don't include sexual assault of women and minorities being declared evil enemies. Australia has it's problems yes, but we espouse to address them and rise above such bassist human hatred and fear. Watching angry white privileged Americans on You Tube alleging discrimination from Black people is absurd and beyond any level of reason. The US has gone nuts with anger and hate. 

Who on earth would want to be a part of that? David and I are personally very thankful that by the chance of birth we don't have to be a part of it. We're not Americans, and very very thankful that we're not. So much for the ideological "American Exceptionalism".

With the US imploding under Trump, Australia will have no choice but to seek opportunities elsewhere.
In the event that Trumps' America should take any hard line against China, Australia was issued a pre-emptive warning not to take sides with Washington against Beijing. 

"Co-operation between China and Australia has reached a critical juncture," we were told. 

"We hope the US factor will be properly handled," one delegate said. 

The fate of the 12-nation US-led trade deal TPP, dumped by Trump as a first priority, was a lesson that "the US has only its own interests in mind." Another delegate said: 

"US-China disputes should not automatically become China-Australia differences. 

"You need to accommodate China's interests while developing your US ties." 

And a third delegate, even more explicitly: "Economic ties alone cannot support the bilateral relationship." Strategic and military tensions could "threaten the whole relationship". 

Despite the bluster, there was a striking accord between the two nations' delegates. 
Both sides repeatedly declared that while the US and Europe are abandoning the free trade and investment agendas, China and Australia are not. And that, together, the two countries can become a global exemplar. Sydney Morning Herald