Friday, 11 November 2016

Ex PM Paul Keating says turn away from US alliance

Pine Gap
Paul Keating, EX treasurer of the Hawke Labor gov and Ex prime minister of his own Keating gov, has come out swinging against Australia's blind following of the US under the ANZUS alliance. Now that Trump is becoming president, why should we follow this madman?

Australia of course has the US base Pine Gap which is vital for all US drone strikes and missile targeting. The US uses it to triangulate it's targeting when firing such things. 

Yes folks, Australia has been the closest of US allies over many decades. However the ANZUS treaty has been a thorn in our side. We've followed the US to date into every stupid war they've wanted us to without question. For there now to be calls from people of significance here to get out of the alliance with the US is significant in the extreme.

For many years I myself have thought the same, even back in New Zealand growing up. The ANZUS alliance doesn't mean the US will automatically defend us if invaded. It all depends on the president of the day and the congress of the day to give the green light. In other words it's not worth the paper it's written on. Yet time after time our gov blindly tags along when the US says so. 

Why? At the very least we should be using our close friendship to dissuade US lunatic wars. 


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