Saturday, 5 November 2016

Trump's comeback stalls - 48/45 to Hillary, Bludgertrack (Australia)

As the world watches scared shitless and hand wringing at the Trump comeback and the actual possibility he may become president, it appears that despite the Trump rhetoric his campaign has stalled 3 points behind Hillary.

The Australian Budgertrack polling aggregate confirms the last poll of the New York Times/CBS Newspoll, giving the same result with Hillary on 48 and Trump on 45. The US is deciding to dodge a bullet here. Or more like a nuclear bomb.
With just a few days to go, the latest presidential election polling suggests the recent turn in favour of Donald Trump may have passed its peak. 

The last two days of national polling have taken some of the edge off the recent turn against Hillary Clinton, who is now projected with a lead of 48.0% to 45.0%, compared with 47.1% to 45.3% in the previous post two days ago. This causes North Carolina to move back into the Clinton column, and leaves Donald Trump hanging by a thread to Florida and Nevada. The Poll Bludger