Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Message from the free world to the US - election 2016

With the unthinkable happening in the US as I type, I'm finding great comfort in not being an American right now. We thought Tony Abbott was bad, but he's a clown pipsqueak compared to a Trump nightmare. At least the population was able to appy enough political pressure to get Abbott turfed from the prime minister-ship after only 2 years. How likely is that that the Republicans would have to replace Trump before the end of 4 years then?

I noticed this little message from The Feed yesterday. Although a touch late, it does show pretty much the feelings of the west toward Trump. Leader of the free world? *pffft* The free world will want to see about that. Our current gov are puppets of Washington, but they're only just holding on to power and IMO have little chance of re-election come 2019 even if they last that long. Labor's Bill Shorten on the other hand has already made his views clear on Trump.

I would assume that the rest of the free world would also be thinking seriously about being lead by a paedophile megalomaniac who can barely put a sentence together, let alone follow him into another stupid US lead war. Hold on US as it's going to be a rough ride for you lot over there. You think the world hates your gov now? You ain't seen nothing yet folks.