Monday, 21 November 2016

Triumphant Trump-et loses it over late coffee at Starbucks

This is what white people in the US are having a meltdown over Starbucks coffee shops, "protesting" so called "white discrimination" at the outlets. The small mindedness of this is bizarre. The guy who accused the staff member of discrimination later told the media he had mental illness and was off his meds.

I'd just like to insert here that as someone who suffers from mental illness myself (severe depression, PTSD, anxiety/panic attacks) the absolute last thing I would  do is to be so arrogant as to think I didn't need to take my meds and went off them. However it does appear arrogance is a big part of being a Trump-et, at least in my online experience. 

It's also extremely unfair on everyone around you to have them have to deal with your mental illness because you can't be bothered dealing with it yourself. The poor lady staff member who had to cop such vile abuse was the unfortunate one on this occasion. 

There's a short news report first, then watch as the Young Turks dissect and analyse this new Trump-et phenomenon sweeping the US. Honestly it's like half of the population has been infected by some brain virus that makes them aggressive, arrogant and stupid.