Thursday, 24 November 2016

The most lovely cat pics of Natasha - our 14 year old matriarch :)

Natasha goes to the cat telly and looks at things to hunt *click to enlarge, as well as the other photos*
Nothing like some cat pictures to calm one down in the midst of the Nazi takeover of the US. It's all very distressing you know, having the so called "leader of the free world" have the president elect appointing a white supremacist to his soon to be cabinet, backing it up with the nutters from the lunar right of so called christianity (the Nazi's thought they were christians too BTW and attended church services). Who would have thought that the US, so called "land of the free, home of the brave" would end up turning to fascism? Go figure....

So anyway Natasha, our 14 year old female cat, matriarch of the house, was at the back door just before. As cats think they own us I'm sure she considers that all us boys in the house are something like her harem. Zac (our other boy cat 2 years old now) for example she adopted as her boy and taught him much. David and I too I'm sure she considers us both to be part of her male harem. We would never get a female cat as they'd just never get on; Natasha wouldn't accept her. 

She's done a wonderful job with Zac/"grasshopper", teaching him the ways of cat battle and cat affection as a mother. Zac loves licking and cleaning her, and she repays the favour back to him. Zac came to us as a kitten after his mother died, and Natasha mothered him like the mother he lost. They both love each other deeply now. At 14 she's a very wise old cat.

I went to a different angle and caught her contentedness looking at everything
She turns and looks at me taking her picture, the love in her eyes and intensity astonishing