Friday, 17 June 2016

Labor to connect fibre to the home - National Broadband Network

OMG finally sanity. Even before the 2013 election and the Lieberals saying about connecting copper for the NBN I was cringing. Why would they do something so stupid? Now in the Hunter region all the warnings are coming to fruition, with connection problems and old infrastructure slowing down the network to at times dial up speeds.

I read recently the fibre to the box Lieberal NBN, would be like building water pipes to suburbs and putting a toilet at the end of each street.

Labor has hugely promised to take the NBN back to the original plan of fibre to the home, instead of to a box on the street and copper from there. Fuckin brilliant! Speeds of up to 1Gbps will be possible. That's if they're elected of course.
It shifts the focus back to providing Australia with broadband infrastructure that would slowly arrest the country’s slide in the global broadband rankings. Importantly, this would help business compete in the global digital economy. 

Under Labor’s broadband plan, NBN Co would connect an additional two million premises to the NBN with FTTP rather than the technically inferior fibre to the node (FTTN). Existing contracts for hybrid fibre-coaxial (HFC) remediation, upgrades and new construction would continue under Labor. 

If elected, then according to Labor’s projections, by the time the NBN is completed in June 2022, connections to the NBN would include 21% FTTN, 39% FTTP, 34% HFC and 8% fixed wireless and satellite. The Conversation