Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Found a perfect description of the Lieberals - consider this election day

We humans who refuse to accept we're simply serfs to Capitalism, that we can have an imput in shaping our society to curb the excesses of the system looking after the vulnerable and minorities, should consider what the core belief is of the Lieberal party. 

To care for our fellow humans has been a part of human evolution. We learned long ago that we did better as a group of people helping each other out for the good of all. Long before the system of Capitalism held us prisoner, humanity existed and evolved with such notions of community welfare and looking after each other. Elders were seen as wise people to go for to get advice and direction, and were well respected as such in said communities. The many and varied facets of humanity were seen as diverse strengths to be tapped and utilised for all. Even on a tribal level this would have been true.

However under Capitalism our humanity is rendered of less influence and we become simply cogs in a machine, the sole purpose of is to make a profit/more capital. 

Believe me I know exactly how that feels after factory work in printing for 30 years. Being just an extension of a machine. Indeed when our whole department was made redundant they referred to us as "units". Wages and entitlements were called "costs". More widely, this is how Capitalism views us; as simply units of production. 

Democratic Socialism sets to have the capitalist system but to put restraints on it. Curb it in such a way as to affect society in a much more human way. To treat people not as units but as human beings part of a community. Workers deserve to benefit from their toil and not be slaves to the system. Elderly and less fortunate aren't abandoned to the scrap heap after they've worn out their ability as a Capitalist unit. The sick, the poor, the weak and vulnerable, aren't seen as "costs" or a "burden" but as people with human relationships.

For those of us continually horrified at the next attack on these people by the Lieberals, we should remember their ideology. That Liberal Democracy is what they believe and the system they want. The Lieberals in 3 successive budgets attacking the poor and sick are simply obeying their beliefs. This gov honestly doesn't care about us

Hard to swallow in a country like Australia of which has mostly avoided the hard nosed ideological core of Liberal Democracy, until the Abbott/Turnbull gov came along. Indeed, this hard right style of gov is foreign to us. Those who don't follow politics in Australia (and who will vote on Sat) haven't realised this yet and are oblivious as to just how extreme this gov has been and will be. The Howard gov was leftist compared to this.

Set out plainly in a fascinating article from Gods And Radicals:
The State as the Protector of Capital: Liberal Democracy is ‘Liberal’ on account of its relationship to Capitalism. Though ‘Liberal’ has a very narrow definition in the United States, more broadly it is understood as a position towards the freedom of Markets. Even under ‘conservative’ governments, States privilege the economic activity of wealthy individuals and groups over the potential damage that activity may cause to the poor or less wealthy. Thus, Liberal Democracy guarantees the right to “Private Property” (land and its uses) so that Capitalists can make money and help fund the activities of the State (including wars) through taxes. Gods And Radicals
We should all consider this when we vote this Saturday. Is this the sort of gov we want in power? Do we want the Lieberal system? I consider the real power to lie in the senate BTW.