Sunday, 8 January 2017

Mardi Gra float planned for Bill Leak's gay Nazi cartoon :)

Bill Leak cartoon (where are the glitter bombs?)
2016 was a tough year for the LGBT in Australia. During the debate over the plebiscite and trying to have our voices heard of what we thought of people voting on our human rights, all manner of conservative commentators dove in with their two cents worth. The infamous Bill Leak cartoon that depicted the LGBT as gay Nazi's was a particular low point of hatred towards us, insinuating that by our very act of expressing our views that we were somehow ordering people to obey us like Nazi's. What an insult.

However this years Mardi Gras has a float planned to address the revolting cartoon. If Bill Leak doesn't like it I guess he can use his own logic - that the cartoon "created discussion" :)

“He took our struggle for equality and human rights, our pride flag and our love, and turned it into hate dressed up as ‘satire’.” 
In a move aimed to take back the power and imagery of the rainbow pride flag, Toborek has let the cartoon inspire a float at this year’s Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade, saying: “We have a plan to turn that negativity into love!"
The float, titled “Force of Love” will feature a troupe of choreographed rainbow-uniformed flag bearers. 
“In our own fun & fiercely fabulous way, we will march down Oxford St, continuing to be a ‘Force of Love’, acceptance and equality.” Same Same