Thursday, 26 January 2017

Barnyard goes bananas at Australian Aboriginals - on Australia day FFS

Barnaby Joyce attacks Aboriginals over Australia day. He's here in a past parliamentary hissy fit.
As is typical of this gov, they're completely out of touch with community feeling. If they're not throwing hissy fits about us gays then they're throwing shit at the Aboriginals. You know, those ones that've been here 40,000 years, and are now the longest culture and people still alive on earth.

Just to give an idea of this gov's morality and empathy, here is what our deputy PM said about Aboriginals feeling the distress over invasion day/Australia day:

Mr Joyce launched his tirade against the Indigenous community and their supporters via Sydney radio station 2GB, saying he was "sick of these people who every time, every time there's something on, they just want to make you feel guilty".

"They don't like Christmas, they don't like Australia Day, they're just miserable-gutted people and I wish they would crawl under a rock and hide for a little bit," Mr Joyce said. Sydney Morning Herald 
I don't like christmas and I'm a white Anglo-Saxon :s 

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