Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Nigerian comedian makes fun of a gay being sexually assaulted (video)

Meet Nigerian comedian "Ogusbaba" who on this video points out he's about to embark on a comedy tour of Europe and the US. However he's come under fire and scrutiny from the west now over a particular comedy sketch he has placed online. In it he makes fun of gay sexual assault. An assault where the gay person says he'll not be gay anymore if he's not assaulted, being forced to deny his sexuality.

This is comedy in Nigeria apparently, where licence is given by comedians to go and fuck up gays. I know some may find the implements used in the clip as fascinating and would be delighted to try them, but even if that was the case with a person it's still a sexual assault/violation/threat of more violence bla.

I left a comment below the video in case the guy doesn't actually realise Nigerian gay attitudes aren't going to cut it in the West.

Even the stereotypical portrayal of gay people as effeminate is offensive. I wonder how this guy would go with a few gay muscle bears in his audience?