Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Trump's "alternative facts" - Randy Rainbow video :)

Orwell's "1984" surges to bestseller list after Conway's "alternative facts"
This Trump administration seems even worse than our Lieberal party here in Australia. They think everyone is as stupid as them, and develop some "clever" story about things that they think will fool us all. In reality though they make themselves fools as we laugh at their stupidity in thinking we would actually believe what they're saying. Really, it's an insult to our intelligence.

In this case it's that dreadful Kellyanne Conway, who dares to go Doublespeak. She says what Trump's views are are "alternative facts". I kid you not.

In other words the state can just make things up and call it an "alternative fact". But a fact is a fact. There is no alternative fact. As Randy Rainbow does in this funny little video:

This shit is fuckin unbelievable. Haven't been able to stop laughing since the inauguration.... Ha ha ha ha ....!