Thursday, 5 January 2017

GetUp - sign petition & tell your story against Centrelink debt notices

Now that christmas and new year is over, when the gov chose to send out thousands of Centrelink debt notices to the poor and vulnerable, GetUp has now entered the fray joining calls for the gov to shut down the automatic debt notices continually being spat out by the computer, and to chase after big companies avoiding tax instead. Firstly, they've set up an online petition:
The Turnbull Government needs to stop bullying people with false debt accusations – and start pursuing the 679 major corporations who paid no tax.

While most of us were lucky enough to be relaxing with loved ones this holiday season, thousands of Australians were overcome with fear and anxiety as they opened nasty, threatening debt-collection letters.

The Turnbull Government is targeting single parents, pensioners and people with disability – and falsely accusing them of owing Centrelink money.

Centrelink's broken computer system is still spitting these letters out – and so far the Turnbull Government has refused to shut it down.

That's why thousands of Australians are taking matters into their own hands, and standing up to fight back against this cruel and broken system. Can you join them? Sign here  
GetUp also has a web page where you can tell your story about how a debt notice you've received has affected you:
How will my story be used? 

Don't worry! We won't give away any contact details. Using just your first name and postcode, the GetUp Strategy Team will: 
  • Share your story in the local community. We'll collect the stories and share them in the local community, painting a stark picture of how these letters are impacting local people. 
  • Pitch out stories to local media to highlight local impacts. Local media love local stories about local people – and are well read by local politicians. That's why we'll drip feed the most compelling stories from your area to local media outlets. 
Together, we'll use the long-proven power of story to ramp up the pressure for the Turnbull Government to put a stop to this harsh and unfair automated debt collection system. Tell your story here