Friday, 20 January 2017

The gov assault on us poor and vulnerable...sick of it...

There comes a time that even the strongest of the weakest find the going hard. I'd say robo-debt has well and truly done it's job of demoralising us. Well done Turnbull et all, you've accomplished your goal. You've punished us and made us feel powerless; even more than we feel already trying to deal with a world we can't cope with.

You don't realise our dilemmas, and that suicide is a very real option for many of us. But why would we try and tell you this for the hundredth time? You won't listen. Never have and never will. You simply want to attack us, deeming our unfortunate position in our lives our own fault from "bad life choices".

But this is more than the usual anti-poor rhetoric. Way more than a gov trying to make political points over a bit of rhetoric and a gesture at some big "clampdown". Indeed there's no need to go too far with anti-poor rhetoric, just as long as you get a point or two in the polls it's all good. Gov attack on us over. Mild demonisation, meh, whatever...

This is far and away a long way past that. This is a violation of Australia's democracy and freedom. The fair go is turfed out the door to the gods of the far right extremist Lieberals. They want to punish us. Make us an example of supposedly how not to be a good Australian.

We are citizens of Australia just trying to live our lives however unfortunate that may be. We just want to survive and love, that's all. They won't even let David and I get married after a close 4yr relationship.

They won't even do that. They make us crawl in humiliation to Centrelink, almost begging for money whilst they leave us hanging. Telling us to see a charity in the meantime. 

What more do they want from us?