Monday, 16 January 2017

Centrelink whistle blowers reveal worse info - robodebt

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As if it hasn't been bad enough already, the true picture of what is going on at Centrelink has been revealed by Centrelink whistle blowers. It reveals a level of amateurism and straight out ineptitude by the gov in the handling of the robodebt debacle. Censusfail was just a slight computer glitch compared to this catastrophic clusterfuck that the gov has released on us unsuspecting public. It's more Fawlty Towers than anything else they've done to date.

What's more, in the gov's eternal wisdom psychosis, they've chosen to thrust this upon the poorest and most vulnerable people in Australia, not able to comprehend that this sort of behaviour is offensive to the great majority of us.  

What's more, the whole thing blew up in December and over the christmas and new year period, leaving Centrelink staff on leave or the whole place shut for days, for anyone to even ask about WTF was this crazy debt letter coming just before christmas. 

Now it turns out they referring people who are suicidal to untrained casual workers.

The main Centrelink staff are largely untrained on WTF to do with this robodebt when asked, and don't go into detail on complex circumstances when it's needed.

It goes on and on. Andrew Wilke has written a second time to the ombudsman, citing what he's been told by whistleblowers. These are those complaints:

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