Thursday, 12 January 2017

Trump a "piss poor president" - Angry Aussie & Samantha Bee :)

A piss take :)
Angry says "Trump voters, you made your bed. Now you just have to accept that Trump is  pissing in it"...... ha ha ha ha......

Hey all you conservative pentecostal christians over there, how do you feel now after about 80% of you voted for a guy who's in to golden showers? Is that part of the republican platform now? Mind you, I'd bet my last dollar that a few of those pulpit screaming preachers are closeted golden shower likers anyway. In the water closet I mean.

Oh fuck, LMFAO man. I can see this is gonna be the gift that keeps on giving. Or perhaps the piss that keeps on pissing?

The net is alive with this. Therefore bonus video from Samantha Bee :)