Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Viral video -"The Netherlands welcomes Trump in his own words" :)

Ha ha ha ha.... this is so funny. I think both countries have much the same humour (us and Netherlands).

Hello Netherlands and thank you for this very special articulated part of world reaction to the election of Trump by the stupid 20-30% of the US that voted for this fuckwit, in your own country.

We here are every bit as shocked and aghast as you lot over there on some weird northern hemisphere thing that you've got going up there. Although, as we have the same humour as you, I've not been able to stop laughing at Trump and his conga line of hopeless richies who've never done a decent day's work in their life. 

Older middle aged bitter men, grown up in their privileged system with not the slightest idea of the everyday struggle we normal type people face daily and sometimes hourly, poor and "middle class" alike (personally I think "middle class" should be renamed "common class". Just like their "average wage" takes into account the truely entitled. 

The "average wage" takes into account those lucky enough bullshit artists that have found their way into Middle Management. I saw people on the print floor that sucked up to management and became one of them, only for the sake of more money. It became almost my personal slogan over years; "I'm stuck here on the shop floor forever because I wont suck" .

Management of course wasn't something I aspired. Why should I burn out my morals for these maniac capitalist piss heads? (they always denied that eyh). Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong time. Seriously, I'd have been happier on strike many decades back when the unions were born. I suspect those Australian may well be embarrassed about many of our efforts today in representation and strength to the boss.

But now I rave........ bla...........!

On to the show: