Saturday, 7 January 2017

I've gone the Opera browser :)

The browser I've been using for a while just stopped working for some reason unknown to man. It wasn't even on the programs list anymore. It's like the whole thing just vanished leaving only the desktop icon. It had been giving me a lot of trouble anyway, kept coming up "unresponsive script" all the time freezing the page. Drove me nuts.

So I went back to Firefox and was completely horrified and pissed off with it. Slow as a wet week it was. Waiting for ages for things to load, it was fast developing into computer rage! So I started looking up other browsers.

Eventually I settled on Opera as it sounded very promising in the bla online, and the one I tried before that wouldn't do anything telling me the PC wasn't online when it was. 

So after importing all my bookmarks into Opera and getting used to a different layout, I'd say it's very nearly the fastest browser I've used. Particularly as this PC is three years old now. I'd highly recommend it. Here if you want to try it.

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