Wednesday, 18 January 2017

ACL has hissy fit over sexy new sneaker add - Dunlop Volleys (video)

Personally I think Volley's were better when they were made in Australia. Since they started making them in China the soles of them have become very thin and they wear out a lot quicker. But that's beside the point with this new add. 

Yes, Volley has gone the sex thing in their new add campaign, but much more than that they've made it a safe sex message too. What's more the add has a gay couple in it the humanity). You can find it all on their website here

Well you can guess what happened over at the Australian Christian Lobby. Yes, it's director Wendy Francis took to Twitter to defend the children and all that. It didn't go down well at all though, with I reckon 99% of comments solidly against her. I've posted her Tweet below, you can click on that to view the comments on Twitter.

All in all she's don't Dunlop Volleys a huge favour in creating much publicity about the add and the safe sex message. Much to the chagrin of the ACL I'm sure. Well done Australia! Great to see the ACL put in it's place on Twitter 😁

Following her tweet, the self-confessed campaigner for the innocence of children, faced a pointed barrage of online attacks and a personal thanks for from Volley.

"Oh honey, this isn't the 1920's. None of those pics are R rated. Wake up, homosexuals are all around you and we like shoes," Twitter user 'James' wrote.

"You are right #shocking can't believe what good value they are!" wrote Mark Savage.

"Parents be aware your kids are going to bang and should be taught safe sex practices, thanks Dunlop," Jill Valentine wrote.

Undeterred, Ms Francis continued her online rant: "Volley sandshoes ads are defended as fine for our kids. I'm ridiculed for concern. I'll cop the ridicule and keep fighting for kid's innocence."

However, it would appear Ms Francis' outrage is doing more for Volley that she might have hoped, with the photographer behind the campaign, Marisa Taschike, adding her own two cents on the matter.

"Big shout out to Volley Australia's number one fan Wendy Francis and the Australian Christian Lobby. You've helped spread the message behind grassroots. Your ignorance and hate has helped educate more Australians about safe sex," she said. nine finance