Friday, 13 January 2017

Attending sport events is "work related" - gov trade minister :s

Trade minister Steven Ciobo
The audacity...
Ciobo said businesses and other organisations who invited politicians were “taking the opportunity to showcase themselves there, to take the time to have a conversation in relation to important matters”.

“Absolutely [it] is work-related and that’s the reason why.” The Guardian
"Showcase"? WTF is he talking about? A business buying a politician's time to get in their ear? Democracy for sale? What about the average punter? When do they have an opportunity to be heard?

It shows the level of stinking cesspool corruption going on in this gov. Ciobo is talking about a ticket gifted to him by the National Australia Bank in 2013. Presumably (according to him) so the bank could "showcase" itself to him.

What about a royal commission into the banks then?