Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Centrelink Robo debt anti-add (video)

Smug Tudge
This add has been authorised by the Dept of Inhuman Services.

Meanwhile missing in action social security minister Tudge has finally returned from holidays to the robo debt shitstorm that appears to be still gathering momentum. His answer to it all is just the gov's laughable talking point, that all is well with the Centrelink rebo debt. Just beggars belief.

Tudge finally emerged this morning for an interview with ABC Radio National where he denied there were any flaws with the new automated debt recovery system. When asked by the ABC’s Hamish Macdonald whether the government would consider scrapping or suspending the scheme given its “large scale problems” Tudge simply replied “No, we won’t be.” 
He also said that he was “not aware of individuals who are completely convinced that they don’t owe money but have been given a debt notice.” Really mate? There’s quite literally hundreds of examples all over the internet and dozens of case studies in the media. Junkee