Monday, 16 January 2017

ReachTEL poll 54/46 to Labor

If the gov thought their incompetence was going to magically produce a wonderful fresh new year for the gov, they've been well mistaken. The latest poll from ReachTEL has them crashing 8 points behind Labor.

Has been an absolute catastrophe for the gov so far this year, and all of their own making. They've completely misread the public's outrage at having pensioners chased by debt collectors over fake debts from up to 6 years ago, whilst the pollies live it up on taxpayer money forcing Sussan Ley to resign from the front bench.

It's looking very terminal for Turnbull.

A GetUp!-styled money shot question found 82.2% responding that “cracking down on corporate tax dodging” should be a “higher priority for the Turnbull government”, compared with 17.8% who favoured recovering debts from Centrelink overpayments, with even Liberal voters dividing two to one in favour of the former option. A further question had 78.6% responding that the burden of proof in establishing wrongful overpayment should fall on Centrelink, compared with 21.4% for the recipient Bludgertrack