Friday, 27 January 2017

Anti Trump protest song - Lily Allen (video)

One thing about Trump is that he seems to be uniting people against him. I can't help making comparisons to our Tony Abbott. When his gov was elected here and he started inflicting his maniacal and strange ideology onto us Australians, the marches began. I attended 4 of then in 2014, mainly over Abbott's 2014 budget he pulled out of his ass.

Suddenly people began to realise that our political system had served us up a mad monk on a mission from god to shape Australia in his own demented image. He lasted 2 long years, before he was rolled by his own party with the polls solidly against him.

I see the same thing now with the way Americans have mobilised and formed a resistance to Trump. Like us with Abbott, these people aren't going away. The resistance will be perhaps the only thing standing in the way of a Trump dictatorship.

*BTW the Twitterati went bananas over the above picture. I'm on the side of those who think "fag" is used positively here. It's a pun on the Westboro Baptist Church as well, sort of mocking them and regaining the word back from them in jest. I thought it was quite clever.