Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Hot cat on a hot day - Natasha :)

Very much on the hot side in Sydney today. Opened the bedroom window after getting up and it was a hot breeze coming in, even though we're near the water.

Natasha found the top of the computer chair where I sit a bit too warm even, and plonked her big body right on the window sill. Stretched out as far as she could and went to sleep. As she's a big older cat and the sill a bit narrow for her, she's fallen off a couple of times today. Very quick reactions though, was left hanging on to the sill by her front claws and I lifted her back up.

Where she is is a good spot. The bricks on that side of the house are on the south side and never get direct sun all day so they remain relatively cool. The wind that comes in the window often feels quite cool. Not so much today though.👎 

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