Sunday, 22 January 2017

Another One Nation homophobe - WA

One Nation line up for Western Australia electio

Where is she digging up these people?

So there's already been two examples shockingly homophobic social media posts by One Nation candidates, one so bad as to be booted from the party. However beyond that it seems Hanson is just burying her head in the sand and not wanting to know.

The latest homophobe off the starting block is in WA, who's come up with this completely ignorant statement showing he knows absolutely nothing about us.

Several of Ms Hanson’s other picks for WA seats have raised controversy as well, including Murray-Wellington candidate Ross Slater, who has been consistently outspoken about his opposition to same-sex marriage.

“Redefining marriage will shatter the natural family structure, society’s moral code and affect everybody, because it’s only the beginning,” Mr Slater said in a letter to the Bunbury Mail in July last year.

“Same-sex couples entertain hetero bashing by suing people who refuse assistance with their “wedding” or condone their lifestyle.

“Bible quoting, introducing adultery decoys and continually referring to the shining sun disguises devious attempts to dismantle a sacred institution gay couples are neither eligible for, nor respect.” Mandurah Mail
Lovely :s  Isn't it amazing how those who know the littlest about us are always the first ones to object to us having the same human rights as them?

Who says we're not eligible for the human right of marriage? Or are we to have out human rights decided by those who hate and oppose us? Who know so little about us as to assert we don't "respect" marriage? Obviously an idea dreamed up in the mind of a hater.

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