Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Australian dual citizen denied entry to US

*Update: Confirming that Trump is making up the rules as he goes along, an announcement today (Tuesday) by Turnbull here say's Australian dual citizens won't be refused entry. Obviously this whole thing was introduced without any proper governing organisation or thought of consequences.

This is how the US is now treating Australian citizens. Those of us who are dual citizens of one of Trump's banned countries are being denied entry to the US. Great way to treat one of your closest allies...

Unlike the US, becoming an Australian doesn't require you to renounce the citizenship of your birth country, hence you become a dual citizen. This is very common in Australia. I myself am a dual citizen of New Zealand and Australia, although I've not been back there in 20 years. A friend of ours is a dual citizen of Australia and Ireland, recently going back there to spend time with her family.

So I can't imagine that this will be a rare occurrence with the US denying entry to Australian dual citizens if they happen to have been born in one of Trump's banned countries. No matter who they are, simply because of the chance of birth.

In this case it was an academic traveling to an engineering conference, who'd not been back to her birth country in 17 years:

Mr Greenock had recently been issued a new passport and was ushered into "quite a tense room" with about 20 other people milling around while customs officers verified each person's paperwork.

An Australian academic travelling to the US for an engineering conference was being held in the same room, but unlike Mr Greenock she was told to turn around and get back on a plane home.

The woman's only crime was not renouncing citizenship from one of the seven countries President Trump had blocked from travelling to the US a day before her arrival.

"I did not hear where she came from but the customs officer said because she was from 'one of those seven countries' she would no longer be allowed in the US," Mr Greenock told Nine.com.au.

"The woman said she hadn't lived there for the last 17 years, had a small child and little to no connection with the country but he basically said 'bad luck – anyone from those countries were banned from entering the US'," he added.

Mr Greenock said the woman was told she could either complain and have a "black mark" put against her name, or leave voluntarily without consequence. nine.msn