Friday, 13 January 2017

"The gays want to sodomise us all!" - another One Nation candidate :s

Tracey Bell-Henselin, right

Yet another nutter up in Queensland that One Nation has chosen as a candidate has also been busy on Facebook sling around preposterous  allegations about the LGBT. Even worse I think than the one the other day who One Nation dropped as their candidate.

This one is Tracey Bell-Henselin, who has evidently been involved in child protection from sexual predators. This makes what she says even more unfair as you'd think someone who was involved in that sort of work would know that nearly all paedophiles identify as straight. However she's very friendly with the god squad up there so that says it all. Being obsessed with supposedly evil gays lets the real paedophiles hide more easily.

Will Hanson now sack her too over her homophobic comments?

On Thursday Hanson backed Bell-Henselin over her previously reported Facebook comments that the LGBTI community was “out to destroy families as we know [them]”.

Hanson said those comments, when taken “in context”, were not homophobic but supporting “traditional families”. It was not clear whether she or the rest of the party executive had seen the other posts obtained by Guardian Australia.

In one, Bell-Henselin, who is understood to enjoy strong support from some influential members of the religious right in Queensland, refers to “sodomy” as “what LGBTI want for all Australians … is this what you want for the children you gave birth to – ‘your family’ do not be deceived”.

She comments on another post about Target selling “gay pride” T-shirts for children: “How dare a family store push this rubbish onto our children – never ever will you see me in a target stall. selfish adults sexual grooming children to serve there own sexual queer agendas.” The Guardian