Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Health minister Susan Ley bites the dust :)

Susan Ley stood down
Very unusually for this Abbott/Turnbull gov, another core minister has been forced to step down as health minister. It brings another chapter of incompetence in this portfolio.

Anyone remember who she replaced? None other that Peter Dutton. Cabbage head was voted as the worst health minister in history, by doctors. We have therefore have had over three years of complete health ineptitude. Not very comforting at all for the chronically ill like me.
Personally I think it's a panic response from a panicked gov. Usually in these cases this gov has dug their heals in and not budged in the face of scandal. I mean look at Dutton in his now portfolio of immigration minister in charge of Australia's offshore gulags.... 
HEALTH Minister Sussan Ley will stand aside without minsterial pay while a review is undertaken into her expenses.
However, she said her agreement to pay back some of the costs relating to a trip to the Gold Coast was “not an admission that I’ve broken the rules”. 
Ms Ley said she was “confident” she will be cleared of any wrong doing, and her “diary is available to be inspected” but only by public servants and certainly not by the media. 
However, Opposition health spokeswoman Catherine King said Ms Ley should have been sacked following new revelations taxpayers funded two trips to the Gold Coast where she celebrated New Year and it was a “weak response from a weak Prime Minister”. Sydney Morning Herald