Friday, 20 January 2017

Further cracks - 2 Lieberal senators criticise Centrelink robodebt,

Turns out a member of Abetz's extended family has gotten a fake debt letter from Centrelink, causing senator Abetz to openly criticise the Centrelink robodebt system.
The Liberal senator Eric Abetz has also weighed into the debate, telling ABC radio in Tasmania that a member of his extended family had been targeted with a bogus debt.

He said the automated system had caused a lot of “unnecessary consternation”, which he said was “something to be regretted”.

“People should not be put into the situation where unfair demands are being made of them,” he said. “Having said that, similarly as a government we do have a duty to ensure that, if people are paid too much under the welfare scheme, then that money should be repaid.”

Abetz was asked whether the social services minister, Christian Porter, and the human services minister, Alan Tudge, were out of touch for insisting there were no problems with the system.

He replied: “Ministers often rely on what the department advises them and clearly the minister has now acknowledged that things need to be changed, and that is where things need to move forward.” The Guardian
Now another Lieberal senator has come forward to do the same, Jonathon Duniam.
Meantime, Liberal senator Jonathon Duniam has joined his senate colleague and fellow Tasmanian Eric Abetz in criticising the robo-debt push.

Senator Duniam has written to the Human Services minister, Alan Tudge, to express concerns about the system.

"The debt recovery process has clearly caused unnecessary angst for people," Senator Duniam said on Thursday.

"I've written to the minister expressing the concerns raised with me and seeking an urgent fix to this situation." Sydney Morning Herald
GetUp has set up an easy to use site that can guide you through what to do if you get a debt letter here. Interestingly, it's called "Fraud Stop".

Meanwhile, next on the chopping block are old aged pensioners and those of us unfortunates on the Disability Support Pension. Is this where I brace myself or something?

Incidentally, mine might be an interesting case should the computer dummy spit me a debt letter, as the Australian Financial Security Authority has deemed me not required to make compulsory payments to the Bank/creditor as part of being in bankruptcy. How then might Centrelink over rule that? See below.

This is how debts are properly managed, a stark contrast to the Centrelink fraud and extortion they're engaging in now.