Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Greens to instigate senate inquiry into robo dept - sign to support

The Greens are going to set up a senate inquiry into robo debt and how the fuck it all went so wrong, once parliament resumes of course. 

Amazing how the gov let this happen through the christmas break, when people are on holidays and parliament isn't sitting. I wonder if people had overseas trips planned for the holiday season but couldn't go because Centrelink said they had a robo debt and weren't allowed to leave the country?

Greens MP offices have since heard from many hundreds of distressed Australians about their distressing experience of receiving a notification.
This has gone on long enough and has to stop. Join us in calling on the Government to scrap the debt recovery system altogether and support a Senate inquiry.
Many thousands of Australians have been affected by the underfunded and understaffed Centrelink system. Some have received a debt notice, while others have had to wait over three hours on the phone to speak to someone or had their payments cut off entirely with no warning.
The message is clear: This system does not work.
When Parliament resumes, The Greens will initiate a senate inquiry into the debacle. We need clear answers on how this program went so wrong and what the real implications are.
The Parliament needs to hear from the people affected by this flawed approach. Add your name to help us hold the Government accountable for this distressing issue. Sign here