Monday, 30 January 2017

Spineless Turnbull silent on Trump anti-Muslim order (video)

Despite western countries lining up to stick their boot into Trump's order to ban people of a certain religion from the US, our own Australian prime minister has chosen not to do so.

In a press conference earlier Turnbull refused to publicly comment on the issue, using the namby pamby diplomatic-speak line that it's not his job to commentate on domestic policies of another country. FFS, just weak as piss.

You see he's afraid to anger Trump as the Lieberal gov has negotiated a deal with Obama to settle refugees from our Australian offshore gulags on Manus Island and Nauru. They've been deemed illegal so they have to finally do something about them. 

So through what is likely a huge feat of ass sucking, Turnbull has managed to get Trump to agree to take the refugees as Obama had agreed. Yes USA, you read that right. Trump has agreed to take refugees.

I don't know how he accomplished this, perhaps Turnbull has been researching how to deal with a narcissist. In any case he certainly doesn't want to rock the boat and endanger his precious refugee deal by sending Trump in to one of his hissy fit tantrums.

Looks like our democracy is failing us too. I mean seriously, look at what the system has coughed up lately for our glorious leader. We've had the 2 year nightmare of Tony Abbott, followed straight after by the ongoing fizza that is Malcolm Turnbull. Four years so far battling nonsensical idiocy.