Friday, 23 March 2018

Aussie church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster - submission to religious freedom inquiry :)

Praise the Lord!
Our Lord and Saviour, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, has once again come to the rescue of humanity (*praise him*). He has once again touched us on high with His noodly appendages. May He forever be blessed!

In this case His noodly appendages have touched Australia's humanity. Or to be more specific, come to the rescue of the very large percentage of Australians who don't give a flying (pun intended) fuck about religion at all. Religion that has molested Australian children and never ceases to find ways of persecuting us so called heathens who don't adhere to their anachronistic mental illness. Those of us who dare to forge our own path outside their sickness and make a life without them, and our friends and families that do likewise.

More particularly, The Australian Church Of The Flying Spaghetti Monster has come to the rescue of Australian LGBT by making a submission to the RWNJ inspired religious  freedom inquiry. An inquiry that was born after the passing of the marriage equality bill in Canberra allowing David and I to finally marry after over 5 years together. In which every single "religious freedom" amendment put up by said RWNJ's comprehensively failed in parliament.

In short, an inquiry squarely aimed at us LGBT. Out of frustrated reactions by the bitter middle aged white Catholic mean not getting their pathetic closed minded fucking way.

It's a huge submission, which to be honest I've not read all of it yet. But here's the summary in full. Thank you so much Lord FSM! (*praise Him again*). May your noodly appendages forever touch us all, especially those bloody moron churchies who get a kick out of making us suffer!

2. Summary

The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster Australia (the Australian Church) believe that the basic right of all people in Australia to realise their full potential and participate fully in society can only be achieved when all people, whatever their backgrounds, ethnicity, creed, religion, colour, orientation, nationality or home planet receive equality of opportunity and treatment in all areas of life. The best and most effective way to ensure all fundamental rights are protected would be the enactment of a Bill of Rights.

 It is a matter of concern that current religious exemptions are more worried with gender identity and/or sexual orientation than protecting a person’s right to non-discrimination. It is almost as if some religious organisations are completely obsessed with what a person’s gender is, how people use their genitals and how they conduct their private lives. We would like to respectfully tell those organisations what is in other people’s underwear is none of their business and does not make them any less worthy of having the same fundamental human rights as anyone else.

 Australia needs a Bill of Rights and when this Bill of Rights is implemented, in the context of protecting religious freedom or belief, there needs to be a clear distinction made between those practices that are an essential part of adherence or obligation to a particular religion or belief and those practices that are merely permissible under the teachings of a particular religion or belief. It must be remembered that the scope of freedom of religion or belief is not without limits. There is an element of objectivity required by demonstrating that a situation does not automatically fall within ‘religion or belief’ simply by assertion of such.

 The Australian Church recognises that people can be at their best and at their worst in relation to religion. Religious faith is one of the most potent agents for good and for evil in the lives of people. Extreme caution must be used to ensure that protections of religious freedoms and beliefs cause no harm to the Australian community. In a multicultural society such as Australia it is important that provisions be made to ensure that people are able to practise their religion or belief, whether that be theistic, non-theistic or atheistic, and most vitally that any practice of religion or belief does not infringe upon the fundamental individual human rights of others.

 Below, you will find our thesis on why everything we have stated in the above paragraphs is true. We even did research and stuff! Read more at The Stirrer

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