Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Planning our little wedding - a deeper level of love

It's difficult to explain how David and I are feeling right now. We're going through the first steps of organising our marriage to each other. We're using David's super money to do so as we have nothing else, to do so.

I rang Births Deaths And Marriages yesterday to arrange an appointment like their website says (we're going to do it at the Sydney city registry office where they have a whole wedding venue to do so, maximum of 12 people) to be told that now you don't need an appointment to bring in all our paperwork and forms of theirs that we've filled out. I said to the bloke on the phone to change their website instructions....  

So we downloaded the two forms involved, the Application For A Registry Marriage and the Notice Of Intended Marriage forms. One is a simple one that we printed out and filled in by pen. The other was a form fill-able one to type in on the PC, but we need to have it witnessed by a Justice of the Peace as we sign it. 

The easiest thing to do is go down to the cop shop and get it done there, but we are a bite trepid about that given what the NSW police have done to us LGBT in the past. We'll do it there if we have to but the community centre nearer has a Justice of the Peace who can do it and even if they're not available straight away we'd rather do it there. Without the possibility of judgement and having to stand there with a cop begrudgingly watching us and signing as the witness. 

In Australia we have to give one months notice of our intent to marry at Births Deaths And Marriages, once we go in there with all the correct paperwork. The registry office does everything from the initial forms to the marriage certificate. We can organise a date to be married there and pay the fee. It's looking like late April or early March. 

We're just going to have a very few very close friends and the occasional relative. My daughter and husband can come if they like but she may have just spit out my granddaughter and he likely will be working and have to take time off. My close sister in Sydney is going the be the best person, but as she's a teacher we have to arrange it around the April school holidays. David has the odd very close friends from his childhood who are members of the LGBT community.

Apart from all of that, we feel we're both entering a new level of our love.

My late wife and I married after many years together because we felt like it was time with our deep love for each other (we were together for 15 years and married about half way through that). David and I, even though we've been together only five years, have long felt we wanted to be married. Such has been the depth of our love.

So yes I know what it's like to be married. I know the dedication and love involved in that, as with my late wife. But that love is even more intense with David. To put it bluntly, I simply love him deeply not because of his sexuality but because of who he is

which is the way it should be. 

It appalled me over many years after meeting David and wanting to marry him, that our gov's stoically stood in the way of our of our love. Even Labor. Yet the wooden spoon goes to this present gov. We'll never forget what they did to us to get to this point.

So now David and I are preparing to do what we've long desired and long fought for; the recognition of our love by the state. David is in awe saying he'd never thought this would be possible (he hates politics and doesn't follow it as I do). I say to him that we've fought long and hard for this. We won. But he's still in awe.

We've both entered the about to be married love. 

Not the tenth marriage thing, not the Married Art First Site abomination that is the present series with straight marriage, being on free to air telly in Australia for years. Whilst David and I couldn't marry, rubbing in our faces that our love wasn't even equal to that.

All you can do is just put that all aside. Soon our love will be fully recognised. By the state. Fulfilling our love.

To find true love once in life is very special, something that rarely happens in humanity. It's an almost sacred thing. Such love will compel you to walk with your partner to their death. As I did with my late wife Wanda......

To find love twice in one lifetime is rare to say the least. Yet I have with David. Soon I'll marry him and if things go that way I'll walk with him to his death if it happens; such is my love and dedication to him.

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