Thursday, 15 March 2018

Same sex marriage support has increased since being passed

Of course professional polling has shown strong support for ten years or so. The polling that the RWNJ's in Canberra didn't believe, electing instead to put us all through the wringer that was the postal survey. Many of the far right honestly believed that the No vote would win. That there was a "silent majority" that would rise up and save Australia from us dastardly gays. However despite the fear mongering that it would mean the end of life as we know it, polling pretty much stayed exactly were it was from the beginning to the end of the survey campaign with support at 62%.

I believe a big reason for the large turnout in the survey (even motivating me to participate after initially wanting to boycott the thing as an insult) was out of sheer frustration. That polling for ten years had shown strong support. That the RWNJ's in Canberra continued on in their oblivious fashion ignoring those polls. The desire to grab those politicians by the throat and shake them (metaphorically) and tell them FFS Yes! How many times do you fuckwits needs to be told before you listen to us! Sheesh!

Now after all of that, after we had to endure our very existence under a microscope and being debated nationally if our love should be recognised like everyone else in society, support has increased. The lies of the No campaign have come to nought. Essential polling last time it measured same sex marriage support it was at 61%. That's now gone up 4% to 65%.

What's more the numbers against have crashed. Against is down 6% from the last Essential poll to just 26%.

LGBTI rights advocate Rodney Croome of Just.equal said polls have shown substantial support for marriage equality for more than a decade.

 “If the government had paid attention to the long history of polls showing majority support for marriage equality, rather than waste a hundred million dollars on an unnecessary, damaging postal survey, we could have had marriage equality much sooner,” he said.

 Croome welcomed the new poll’s results, saying that Australians have now been able to see that allowing same-sex marriage is a positive and causes no harm.

 “Support for marriage equality is up because Australians have finally seen with their own eyes that the one and only outcome is a more equal and inclusive nation where loving, committed same-sex couples can tie the knot in front of family of friends,” he said.

 “Dire predictions about the sky falling in have not come to pass because they were based on fear, not fact.” Star Observer

Ten years of independent polling 

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