Monday, 19 March 2018

Natasha in love with the wedding letter?

Strange. She's never plonked down in that particular spot before (on top of the flatbed scanner). As I've been scanning things about the wedding (including that letter) as info about it, it was sitting on top of the scanner and what do you know? Natasha comes and sleeps on the thing. Go figure..... Looking very happy I might add.

Natasha is a very smart 14 year old cat, and she's only got smarter as she's got older. She understands a lot of the English language, probably more than we realise. When I met David she was very aloof at me and not at all friendly. At three months in to the relationship she came crashing in to David's lounge (she's not the most dainty cat but very muscly) jumped over a couple of things and, to my surprise, she plonked right down on my lap. I was stunned, but she'd made her decision right then and there.

And now she's plonked on our wedding letter. I honestly think it's more than just a coincidence. 

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