Thursday, 22 March 2018

Piers Akerman says gays should apologise for being paedophiles (video)

After going through all the angst and frustration of the postal survey and finally winning marriage against the odds, someone like this RWNJ opens their big mouth and out comes the same old crap that we had to deal with then. 

Using the much flawed logic that has been disproved over and over again by multiple studies, Akerman asserts the same old lie that the majority of paedophiles come from the gay community. His reasoning for such? He says most of the abused are boys and most abusers are men, therefore most abuse happens by gay men.

Of course it's wrong, as proved in the video below that I've lost count how many times I've posted it over the years. Paedophilia has nothing to do with sexual orientation, and anyone who says so is wrong. We're not sick perverts, we're people just like everyone else. By accusing the LGBT of being sick perverted paedophiles it lets the real abusers get away with what they're doing, many times right under the noses of those accusing us of such vile behaviour.

So Akerman quotes a recent article by a controversial (to say the least) historian Kieth Windshuttle, who comes up with this tired old lie thus: apparently obvious inference from the report’s statistics is that it is mainly boys who are victims (63.6 per cent) and it is mainly adult men who are the perpetrators (92.8 per cent male, and 83.8 per cent adult). In short, child abuse in institutions seems to be committed mainly by homosexual men, preying on vulnerable and disturbed children displaced from their own families. Quadrant
Ackerman goes on to question why then should gays not apologise for what he perceives is the group with the most paedophiles:
So, if adult males were responsible for the overwhelming majority of cases of sexual abuse found to have occurred in institutions, why aren’t adult male homosexuals made responsible for the bill now?


Given the empirical evidence provided by the Royal Commission, surely it is time that the greater homosexual community took some responsibility for those damaged by paedophile members? Spectator

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